Aiming to Fulfill Pawed Dreams

Paw Stuffs is born from one very simple reason that any furry parent can understand, the need of spending the most with those you love!
That’s why Gordi decided to find a way to help at home; armed with some treats and a wagging tail, he learned a few things about the Internet, he then realized that finding and posting about amazing products to other fellow furry friends would earn him not only the title of a Good Boy, but also a lot of treats (that was his original plan all along...).
We focus in finding quality products at accessible prices that both you and your pet will love! that way you can enjoy the most out of your time with them. And the best part is that Gordi is aiming to help fellow furry creatures around the globe; that is why we will give 10% of all profits toward animal charities.
If you are interested in becoming a beneficiary, please get in contact with us so we can add you to our list of pawFriends.
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about Gordi and his plans.
Woof Woof! and happy shopping!

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